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3Shape D1000

The new 3Shape D1000. Ultra high productivity. The D1000 has new, unique scanning technology with astonishing speed and accuracy. It has a multi-line blue LED that uses 27 lines instead of one, for greater speed and detail, has 30% faster scanning speed, and RealColor technology.

3Shape Scanner Features

  • Extended exterior

  • Multi-die feeder

  • Color texture scanning

  • No need for separate die scans

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3Shape D1000 Demonstration

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3Shape D1000 Specification

Machine3Shape D1000
Cameras Four 5 MP Cameras
Light Technology Blue LED Multi-Line
Accuracy 5 Micron (ISO) / 8 Micron ( Implant Bar)
Die Scan Time 15 sec
Full Arch Scan Time 25 sec