Intra-Oral Scanners

3Shape TRIOS Color Pod

The TRIOS Color Pod provides a realistic scan experience with RealColor scans that is simply not possible with black and white scans. New enhanced colors let you easily identify true preparation margins and better evaluate the clinical situation.

TRIOS Color automatically measures the teeth shades as you scan. The dentist has the option to evaluate and highlight relevant areas for the lab. The complete shade information sis sent to the lab together with the impression.

The TRIOS Pod offers mobility and flexibility for dentist working in multiple locations or for clinics with limited space. The Pod offers extreme mobility, a small footprint and can connect to multiple laptops and PCs using a USB port. TRIOS supports the broadest range of dental indications giving clinics options for new business models, widened opportunity, and rapid investment returns.

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3Shape TRIOS Color Pod Features

  • Live 3D visualization

  • Integrated Training Center and Remote Support

  • Unique motion sensor interface

  • Boosted technologies

  • Broadest range of indications

  • Powder-free scanning

  • Color impressions

  • Shade measurement

  • HD photos

  • Autoclavable tip

  • 1-Year Warranty

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