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Our approach was therefore to use a separate company to develop a CAM product from scratch, tailored to the specific needs of the dental industry.

The technology was based on the high-end milling strategies of OPEN MIND, the innovation leader in 5-axis simultaneous milling.

FOLLOW-ME!'s development team is made up of experienced CAM developers and CNC milling experts, as well as dental engineers and dental technicians.

FOLLOW-ME! thus offers a combination of milling and dental know-how which is unique in the market.

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Follow-Me! hyperdent Features

  • Different product lines for customer groups with different requirements

  • hyperDENT has established three product lines on the market that are each specifically tailored to a customer group and the requirements of this customer group.

  • hyperDENT Compact is the high-quality starter version with an unbeatable price/performance ratio. The customer receives the complete range of high-end milling strategies and a broad selection of functions that can be used on soft materials, and one machine type.

  • hyperDENT Classic is the flagship product of the hyperDENT family. The customer receives all functions and the complete range of high-end milling strategies that can be used on soft and hard materials as well as glass ceramics. With a hyperDENT Classic workstation, any number of machines can be controlled.

  • hyperDENT options offer the customer the opportunity to upgrade to a virtually all-powerful industrial CAM, without losing the simple and intuitive operational guidance.

  • The hyperDENT template generator allows the customer to create individualised machining templates and therefore to respond with total flexibility to new tools, materials and restorations. With this, hyperDENT has a completely unique selling point on the market, as other CAM suppliers create the machining templates themselves and sell them to the customer individually.

  • The hyperDENT abutment creator enables the milling of individual abutments, bridge abutments and caps for dental implants. Due to the FDA-certified library of interface geometries, this can be performed simply and with high quality. Particularly with complex screw-retained bridges, the hyperDENT abutment creator can really show its strengths.

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Follow-Me! hyperdent Specification

ProductFollow-Me! hyperdent
CPU Intel i5 Processor or higher
RAM 8GB or higher
Graphic Card nVidia GeForce 1GB or higher
HDD 500GB or higher