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NobelProcera Zirconia Coping

NobelProcera Zirconia is the ceramic material of choice for strong and highly esthetic restorations. Frameworks in Zirconia are available for cement- and screw-retained solutions on teeth and implants from single-unit to multi-unit restorations. Zirconia displays excellent biocompatibility with significant reduction of plaque and bacterial adhesion on surfaces.

NobelProcera Zirconia Coping Features

  • Industrial material shading (available in four shades: white, light, medium, intense) guarantees consistent color and strength values of the material.

  • 4 shades

  • High Strength

  • 1-14 Units

  • Teeth and Abutment Level

  • Natural teeth or implant restoration, single crowns and multi-unit bridges

  • NobelProcera offers a complete range of cement-retained crowns and bridges on natural teeth and abutments. Achieve high prosthetic flexibility - from coping and bridge frameworks to full-contour crowns and temporary full-contour bridges. Choose between all-ceramic and metal materials. With NobelProcera you have the flexibility to realize every prosthetic possibility.

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