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TruWax / Wax Print

WDM (wax deposition modeling) produces extremely precise wax-ups with incredibly fine detail and smooth surfaces, in a casting material that burns away clean for a beautiful final product with minimal post-processing. The technology is consistent, reliable and repeatable so you can create high-quality dental restorations every time, every day.

TruWax / Wax Print Features

  • Create wax-ups for crowns, bridges and partial dentures, directly from digital files.

  • Achieve high-quality casting with minimal post-processing.

  • Produce the industry’s most accurate wax-ups with a resolution of 5,000 dpi on the X and Y axes and 8,000 dpi on the Z axis.

  • Avoid shrinking, expansion, cracking and residue with WDM materials that burn away cleanly. Formulated specifically for investment casting in dental applications, WDM materials are safe and TSCA-registered, and require no special waste disposal.

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