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The nt-trading company focuses on the development and the production of premium products in the field of dental implant technology. More and more customers all over the world benefit from our high standards in quality, precision and innovation. With our products we improve prosthetic production processes and optimize the prosthetic treatment possibilities.

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Ti-Base Specification

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Implant NT-Trading Platform 3.5mm NP 4.3mm RP 5.0mm WP 6.0mm
Nobel Biocare
Replace Select
E-Series Titanium Base
(Incl. screw)
E 800 E 810 E 820 E 830
Scan Body E 9.S3D3.500 E 9.S3D4.300 E 9.S3D5.000 E 9.S3D5.000
Lab Analog E 50 E 51 E 52 E 53
Abutment Screw
(Torques 35 Ncm)
E 60 E 61 E 61 E 61
Implant NT-Trading Platform 3.5mm NP 4.3 / 5.0mm RP
Nobel Biocare
Nobel Active
F-Series Titanium Base
(Incl. screw)
F 800 F 810
Scan Body F 9.S3D3.500 F 9.S3D4.350
Lab Analog F 50 F 51
Abutment Screw
(Torques 35 Ncm)
F 60 F 61
Implant NT-Trading Platform 3.3mm NC 4.2mm 5.0mm
Biomet 3i
H-Series Titanium Base
(Incl. screw)
H 800 H 810 H 820
Scan Body H 9.S3D3.400 H 9.S3D4.150 H 9.S3D4.150
Lab Analog H 50 H 51 H 52
Abutment Screw
(Torques 20 Ncm)
H 60 H 60 H 60
Implant NT-Trading Platform 3.5mm NN 4.8mm RN 6.5mm WN
N-Series Titanium Base
(Incl. screw)
N 800 N 810 N 820
Scan Body N 9.S3D3.500 N 9.S3D4.800 N 9.S3D6.500
Lab Analog N 50 N 51 N 52
Abutment Screw
(Torques 35 Ncm)
N 60 N 62 N 62
Implant NT-Trading Platform 3.5mm 4.5mm 5.7mm
Tapered Screw-Vent
R-Series Titanium Base
(Incl. screw)
R 800 R 810 R 820
Scan Body R 9.S3D3.500 R 9.S3D4.500 R 9.S3D5.700
Lab Analog R 50 R 51 R 52
Abutment Screw
(Torques 30 Ncm)
R 60 R 60 R 60
Implant NT-Trading Platform 3.5/4.0mm 4.5/5.0mm
Astra Tech
S-Series Titanium Base
(Incl. screw)
S 800 S 820
Scan Body S 9.S3D3.540 S 9.S3D4.550
Lab Analog S 50 S 52
Abutment Screw
(Torques 25 Ncm)
S 60 S 61
Implant NT-Trading Platform 3.4mm 3.8mm 4.5mm 5.5mm
T-Series Titanium Base
(Incl. screw)
T 800 T 805 T 810 T 820
Scan Body T 9.S3D3.400 T 9.S3D3.800 T 9.S3D4.555 T 9.S3D4.555
Lab Analog T 50 T 55 T 51 T 52
Abutment Screw
(Torques 25 Ncm)
T 60 T 60 T 60 T 60