3Shape X1 4-in-1 CBCT scanner


3Shape X1™ CBCT Scanner, is a new fully integrated scanning solution that gives you clear, sharp, low noise images. 3Shape X1™ introduces innovation like ScanComfort™ technology to improve image accuracy and eliminate the need for fixating your patient’s head. 3Shape X1™ is designed for precision, safety and ease of use with a simplified control panel coupled with patient friendly features. 3Shape X1™ introduces industry firsts like ScanComfort™ technology that eliminates uncomfortable patient head fixation. 3Shape has also added relaxing ambient lighting, an all-natural, easy to clean, wood chin rest and built 3Shape X1™ in ultra-light carbon.

  • ScanComfort™ technology improves image accuracy with no need for patient head fixation

  • Ambient lighting reduces unnecessary patient stress for better image quality

  • Simple and intuitive user interface for ease of use

  • Compact lightweight carbon design ensures minimum vibration and maximum strength


Soothing all-natural, easy-to-clean, wood chin rest


Relaxing ambient light.
Lightweight carbon design.