Leading the Way to Digital Dentistry

We believe that the current dental market is making a key transition into digital dentistry. The capabilities of a digital workflow are rapidly expanding; more companies are offering higher quality, more capable devices at increasingly cheaper costs. As a result, an increasing number of doctors and laboratories alike are investing in the digital dental market. With our experience, we are capable of working with doctors and the laboratories they choose to provide both parties with the guidance needed to compete in the dental market.

What 3DBioCAD Offers for the
Digital Dental Market

We work with customers individually in order to identify their needs and create a custom digital dental system package. We allow licenses to be added and/or removed from individualized packages to evolve with the niche that the end user fulfills. Our technicians are passionate about teaching our customers the key concepts necessary to understand their digital dental system, not just providing a temporary fix for their potential problems.
A Truly Open System

Open systems allow individual businesses to evolve with the dental market, eliminating the need for doctors or laboratories to invest in alternate CAD/CAM equipment when changing implant systems or milling materials.
Scan, Design, and Milling Labs

Customers who want to access the latest digital technology from 3Shape could utilize this service to get acquainted with the workflow without initially investing in CAD/CAM equipment. In this case, laboratories would have full control over designing their cases to their unique style to be manufactured by our milling center. Customers who would like to maintain a completely in-house workflow could take advantage of the milling machines we offer and support. These individuals would then have full control over creating and fabricating an almost infinite amount of restoration possibilities.
Broad Expertise

Our expertise with 3Shape’s CAD/CAM system is not only limited to Dental System. Our technical staff is trained to fully support end users interested in Ortho System and Implant Studio. Utilizing the same resources that would be available to our customers, we are able to manufacture full-contour zirconia crowns, zirconia frameworks, titanium and zirconia implant abutments, IPS e.max restorations, PMMA temporary restorations, milled implants, over-denture bars, and numerous other laboratory cases.

Unmatched Support Personnel

Post purchase support and maintenance is the core of 3DBioCAD’s business philosophy. With our experience using 3Shape equipment as part of the complete CAD/CAM solution we offer, we have ability to provide excellent after-purchase support on scan and design software. In addition, we can fully support labs or doctors looking to transition into having an in-house milling unit/center. We have always put a high priority on technical support for our customers and have continued to invest in this department. Today, we support an international customer base on complex cases.

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