FOLLOW-ME! Technology Group’s sole product focus is to develop and deliver a CAM software that is dedicated to the dental market. This not only allows us to quickly adapt to the functional requirements of our customers, but also bring new and innovative features first to market with our core product hyperDENT®.

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  • Different product lines for customer groups with different requirements

  • hyperDENT has established three product lines on the market that are each specifically tailored to a customer group and the requirements of this customer group.

  • hyperDENT Compact is the high-quality starter version with an unbeatable price/performance ratio. The customer receives the complete range of high-end milling strategies and a broad selection of functions that can be used on soft materials, and one machine type.

  • hyperDENT Classic is the flagship product of the hyperDENT family. The customer receives all functions and the complete range of high-end milling strategies that can be used on soft and hard materials as well as glass ceramics. With a hyperDENT Classic workstation, any number of machines can be controlled.

  • hyperDENT options offer the customer the opportunity to upgrade to a virtually all-powerful industrial CAM, without losing the simple and intuitive operational guidance.

  • The hyperDENT template generator allows the customer to create individualised machining templates and therefore to respond with total flexibility to new tools, materials and restorations. With this, hyperDENT has a completely unique selling point on the market, as other CAM suppliers create the machining templates themselves and sell them to the customer individually.

  • The hyperDENT abutment creator enables the milling of individual abutments, bridge abutments and caps for dental implants. Due to the FDA-certified library of interface geometries, this can be performed simply and with high quality. Particularly with complex screw-retained bridges, the hyperDENT abutment creator can really show its strengths.


Product Follow-Me! hyperdent
CPU Intel i5 Processor or higher
RAM 8GB or higher
Graphic Card nVidia GeForce 1GB or higher
HDD 500GB or higher

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