NobelProcera Abutment

NobelProcera offers a complete range of cement-retained crowns and bridges on natural teeth and abutments. Achieve high prosthetic flexibility – from coping and bridge frameworks to full-contour crowns and temporary full-contour bridges. Choose between all-ceramic and metal materials. With NobelProcera you have the flexibility to realize every prosthetic possibility.


  • NobelProcera delivers a full range of precision-milled, safe and strong abutments. Grow your business using one system to offer abutments on major implant systems.

  • NobelProcera Abutments are milled from zirconia or titanium. Each NobelProcera Abutment is customized and highly biocompatible, delivering high esthetics and mazimum long-term tissue stability. NobelProcera Abutments are also cost-effective, because no pre-fabricated abutments need to be stocked.

  • NobelProcera Implant bridges in zirconia are a CAD/CAM fabricated implant bridge available in zirconia for restorations up to 14 units.

  • NobelProcera implant bridges in titanium provide an excellent alternative solution for whenever material properties or the clinical situation limit the application of zirconia superstructures.

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