TruTemp Mono Layer

3D BioCAD TruTemp is a mino-layer composite PMMA (poly methyl methacrylate) for long term temporaries.

The Material is composed of a hybrid composite made of acrylic resins and organically modified ceramics.

  • Size: 18mm
  • Shade: BL, A1-D4

Tool Part Numbers

Product TruTemp Mono-Layer
Modulus of Elasticity > 2.200 MPa
Bending Strength > 100 MPa
Toughness (Charpy) > 10KJ/m2 (Izord) > 1.3 KJ/m2
Impact Wear Resistance 3.5 x PMMA (MW 1.000.000)
Tensile Strength >75 MPa
Vickers Hardness HV (0.05/10) >135
Absorption of Water according to ISO 10477 < 20 ug/mm3
Water Solubility < 0.8 ug/mm3
Residual Monomer Content (24h at 37oC and 30min in air) < 0.7%

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