TruZir High Strength

TruZir High Strength is a strong zirconia. The blank goes under cold isostatic pressure process; therefore, it is more homogeneous then uniaxial pressed zirconia, and the shrinkage factor is even throughout the blank. TruZir High Strength zirconia blanks have high strength, excellent biocompatibility and great aesthetics. High Strength (HS) blocks are available in Size: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25mm






Product TruZir High Strength
Sintering temperature(oC) 1550
Bending Strength (Mpa) 1200
Sintering Density (g/m3) 6.05
Average Grain Size (um) 0.4
Amount of monoclinic phase after accelerated ageing (%) <10
Light transmittance 37% (sample thickness 1mm)
Radioactivity (Bq/g) <0.1

Additional Information

Recommended sintering schedule
R.T.~ 1000oC 100 min 10oC/min
1000oC ~ 1300oC 60 min 5oC/min
1300oC ~ 1550oC 100 min 2oC/min
1550oC 120 min holding Holding
1550oC ~ 900oC 120 min 5oC/min
900oC 30 min holding Holding
900oC ~ 700oC 20 min 10oC/min
700oC ~ R.T. 50 min 14oC/min
Faster Sintering Schedule
R.T.~ 1100oC 50 min 22oC/min
1100oC ~ 1550oC 100 min 5oC/min
1550oC 90 min holding Holding
1550oC ~ 700oC 60 min 14oC/min

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