TruZir / Zirconia

3D BioCAD Truzir is translucent, strong, aesthetic and biocompatible. Truzir is milled out of cold isostatic pressured blank; therefore, the shrinkage factor is even. We use ZirkonZahn Colour Liquid Waterbased (A1-D4) and Colour Liquid Prettau Aquarell Intensiv (Incisal Blu) for your crowns.


Machine TruZir / Zirconia
Sintering temperature(oC) 1550
Bending Strength (Mpa) 1200
Sintering Density (g/m3) 6.05
Average Grain Size (um) 0.4
Amount of monoclinic phase after accelerated ageing (%) <10
Light transmittance 43% (sample thickness 1mm)
Radioactivity (Bq/g) <0.1

TruZir / Zirconia Additional Information

 Recommended sintering schedule
R.T.~ 1000oC 100 min 10oC/min
1000oC ~ 1300oC 60 min 5oC/min
1300oC ~ 1550oC 100 min 2oC/min
1550oC 120 min holding Holding
1550oC ~ 900oC 120 min 5oC/min
900oC 30 min holding Holding
900oC ~ 700oC 20 min 10oC/min
700oC ~ R.T. 50 min 14oC/min
Faster Sintering Schedule
R.T.~ 1100oC 50 min 22oC/min
1100oC ~ 1550oC 100 min 5oC/min
1550oC 90 min holding Holding
1550oC ~ 700oC 60 min 14oC/min

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